Last news :
  Bugs corrected, add many information about FPGA (10/04/2002),
  Return of holidays & add a new technic page about ORIC (09/06/2002),
  ULA II (08/02/2002),
  Update Look for the site and add frame (07/12/2002),
  New look for the site (07/02/2002),
  Beginning of design about ULA II (06/16/2002),
  New version of chipIO (06/10/2002),
  Second version of chipIO (06/07/2002),
  First version of chipIO (05/28/2002) : more works to do,
  New version of PSG AY-3-819 (05/22/2002),
  Atmos jr : USB is used. Update database (05/07/2002),
  NEWS : Atmos jr : USB used, out of date : RS232 and Centronics !!! (05/06/2002),
  Updating of specification about oric ATMOS jr (05/03/2002),
  Add FSP jr (Fpga Sound Processor) of oric ATMOS jr project (04/30/2002),
  Specification about CHIP IO (VIA 6522 jr) of oric ATMOS jr project (04/16/2002),
  Updating of oric ATMOS jr section and first VHDL files (V 0.01 béta) for VIA 6552 jr,
  Documentation about VIA 6522 jr,
  Design (VHDL) of VIA 6522 jr,
  Section LINKS has been updated,
  NEW PROJECT : oric ATMOS jr. SORRY but the files and documents are in french.

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